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Retail store

Space Management, a Fundamental Aspect in Retail

  After one look at this planet, a visitor from outer space would say- “I...

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retail & commercial interior design

Do You Think an Empty Office Space Has To Be Used For Work Purposes Only?

  I am sure you must be familiar with the term “dead zone“. Yes, I...

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Retail interior design Australia

Less Is More When It Comes To Small Retail Spaces

Retail store owners have only one goal in their lives- To attract as many customers...

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industrial furniture australia

Transform an Ordinary Design with a Showstopper Top Off

Gone are the days when white and flat used to be the most appreciated theme...

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Retail Interior Design Ideas

Get More Foot Traffic with These Innovative Retail Interior Design Ideas

The first few seconds when a customer enters into your shop and look around are...

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Some of the Most Incredible Designs for Tight Office Spaces

Are you planning to start working from home these days? Well, planning for a home...

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Bunk Bed - Interior Design

It’s Time to Make Your Kids Double-Up Happily!

In nearly two-thirds of homes children under 18 are made to share one room. I...

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Home Interior Designing

Home Interior Designing Rule #1- Create a Space that’s Truly Your Own!

In today’s fast pacing world, there are times when a sense of stillness, clarity, peace...

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6 Benefits Of Glass Display Cabinets For Retail Stores

Glass display cabinets are a common sight in retail stores, and with good reason. This...

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5 Best Practices in Home Office Design

Need a place in your home to do office work (or even something unrelated to...

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What our Clients say

We have recently expanded our offices in Newcastle NSW. Speedframe was suggested to us as a cost effective, modern solution for our workstations. What we appreciated most when dealing with Speedframe, was their ability to understand exactly what our requirements were. The Speedframe team designed and installed our workstations on time and within budget. They also were able to do on site adjustments due to certain issues that we had with the floor. We are very pleased with the result and would recommend Speedframe to any business needing workstations.


I approached Speedframe as needing a modular framing system for our new waste management program. Speedframe was able to provide a flat pack solution and submitted a prototype for trials. The results of the trails were positive and we confidently awarded Speedframe the contract to provide flat packs to all our stores nationally. One thing I liked in dealing with Speedframe was their ability to fully understand the complexity of the project on hand. I found working with Speedframe a smooth and trouble free experience. I would recommend Speedframe as a competent, proactive and innovative company and Speedframe would be an excellent partner for Interior Designers and Architects.


We have used Speedframe for many years now, producing custom tradeshow displays. The Speedframe system is easy to use, it is lightweight and strong, and a perfect solution for displays that need to be assembled and unassembled quickly and easily. Additionally it is very competitively priced compared to other display systems. We have received many positive comments on our displays – and the clean, smooth lines of the Speedframe system are definitely a contributing factor to this. We would highly recommend the Speedframe system to anyone producing display and tradeshow componentry.


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