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3 Tips To Make Office Partitioning Easy


So you’ve set up a new office or revamped your old one – now, how do you budget your space? While a large, open-space office is good for many working environments, there are times when you may need a more closed-off, private working space. Partitioning your office is one of the best ways to maximise the limited space that you have to work with. It’s also easier to install and change, rather than building permanent fixtures such as drywalls.

Tips To Good Partitioning

Before you go around and look for partitions, there are a couple of things you’ll have to consider before installing partitions in your office. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll save yourself time and money when finally getting to the real work.

1. Decide what kind of partitions you need. There are several kind of partition wall systems, each designed for a specific need in your office.

  • Glass partitions are some of the most popular partitions you can use. Aside from giving your office a sleek, industrial look, glass partitions can also be dual-glazed, keeping the sound in your space at low levels.
  • Modular partitions are ideal for offices with rapidly shifting office needs, as well as accommodating growing departments.
  • Solid partitions are usually made of plywood or polycarbonate. Solid partitions are usually aluminum or steel frames that can be fixed via screws or moved around, based on what the office requires.

2. Leave yourself some breathing room. The advantage of partitions is that they can be adjusted and moved at will – so don’t treat them like permanent fixtures. Aside from wasting the potential flexibility that partitions provide, it may also cause you more expenditures you could’ve otherwise avoided.

3. Get a professional. In case you ever miss the first two tips, a professional will always catch whatever you missed. Though most companies are hesitant to add even more expenses to their office renovation tab (especially if it’s a new setup), you can rest assured that a professional interior designer/office designer can accurately judge, estimate and outfit your place according to your needs.

While there are certainly more ways you can optimise your office fitouts for your purposes, the three tips above a good start for any new company looking to renovate their fitouts and to fix out modular framing for storage. Partitioning office space not only save time, energy, effort and money, but allow you to focus on the thing that really matters: running your business.

Here at Speedframe, we believe in helping business reach maximum efficiency with their office spaces. Contact us today for quality framing and partition wall systems.