Pharmacy adds style, continuity, while meeting P.O.S regulatory expectation

A new pharmacy in a prime Newcastle location has combined a modern, open functionality and style while meeting longstanding regulatory body standards on point of sale facilities for its industry.


media release – Bagga’s Soul Pattinson refit – Jan 2005

In doing so, Bagga’s Soul Pattinson Pharmacy in Newcastle’s Hunter Street Mall has also set a continuity in style expected to be adopted Australia-wide to identify an association with sub-tenant Soulvision, an advanced eye testing and optician service earmarked for each Soul Pattinson pharmacy.

Wanting to achieve a look beyond traditional cabinet shelving, proprietor Jasmin Bagga installed a modular, more open Speedframe system from Morfurniture

Ms Bagga said the objective was to allow as much natural light to access the premises which would otherwise be blocked by standard cabinet shelving, but at the same time maintaining the expectations of the Pharmacy Board of Australia and the fashionable Soul Pattinson look.

“We considered all the options available before installing the Speedframe system for various reasons,” said Ms Bagga.

“Because Speedframe is demountable, it gives us the flexibility to reposition it whenever we like, which, at a retail level, is very good option. Plus we have continuity in style right across shelving, display cabinets, racking and counters.

“As the system slots together easily, this also suited us well under the guidelines of the Pharmacy Board of Australia which, under its Quality Care Program, states specific height ranges for shelving relevant to the types of products normally stocked at a pharmacy.

“Now we are equipped with a fresh-looking, modern and demountable system that not only has been visually inspected and passed by our industry Board, it has also been received favourably by patrons who mostly have not seen this set up before.”

Speedframe is a tubular aluminium framing system that has a high level of strength and the appearance of stainless steel.

The system has been fitted into all areas of this new retail pharmacy operation, including general product shelving, the counters have been constructed from it, and the prescription counter and racking as well.

Managing Director of Speedframe manufacturer and installer, Mr Kevin Fowler of Morfurniture, says excellent adaptability is seeing the product find uses at retail level.

“At Bagga’s Soul Pattinson Pharmacy, the aesthetic adaptability of the product ensures that it maintains visual appeal regardless of what is stocked on it,” said Mr Fowler.

“When first consulted, we were briefed that the proprietor needed a product with a look that lends itself equally well to stocking anything from vitamins, tablets and medicines through to bottles, chocolates, spectacles and sunglasses, toys and other gifts.”

Due to Speedframe’s patented design, on-site assembly can be done quickly and easily.

Speedframe’s has aluminium die-cast connectors (square or rounded) to provide not only a strong connection, they also allow for different powder coating options.

Pre-finished tubes and accessories have end-caps to ensure a neat finish, while only simple tools are used to assemble the system. Should they be required, castors can be installed for movement or screw-in feet can be fitted to level or lift items from the floor.

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