Demountable, hygienic system for food prep and manufacturing

Potential contamination and logistics concerns are two of the predominant issues countered by an aluminium framing system suitable for the food manufacturing and preparation industries.


new product editorial – aluminium frames for food manuf and prep industry – Oct 2004

Made and distributed by Australian company Morfurniture, the Speedframe system equals the immaculate look of stainless steel, yet it is manufactured from the less-corrosive aluminium.

Therefore, potential for food contamination is greatly reduced and the product is easily sterilised as required, while heat conductivity is much less chronic than with stainless steel alternatives.

Withstanding foods and pots/crockery/utensils in temperature ranges from frozen to extremely hot, Speedframe is suitable for use in preparing meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, powders and granules, doughs and sauces.

In addition, as it is a modular system, Speedframe for the food industry allows itself to be taken apart and reconfigured, thus making it useful for room re-arrangements, additions during peak business, and total relocation for caterers and transient businesses.

Speedframe is a tubular aluminium framing system that has a high level of strength and the appearance of stainless steel.

Due to Speedframe’s patented design, on-site assembly can be done quickly and easily. Speedframe’s aluminium die-cast connectors (square or rounded) not only make for a strong connection, they also allow for different powder coating options.

Pre-finished tubes and accessories have end-caps to ensure a neat finish, while only simple tools are used to assemble the system. Should they be required, castors can be installed for movement or screw-in feet can be fitted to level or lift items from the floor.

Managing Director of Morfurniture, Mr Kevin Fowler, says expense of steel was one factor contributing to the emerging demand for an aluminium alternative.

“Another reason was the comparatively light weight it offers without any sacrifice of the physical sturdiness normally expected of benches and worktops in a high output kitchen or food production plant.

“Most of the time, stainless steel food preparation and production areas are quite heavy and permanently affixed, so if a business relocates it is not uncommon to have this asset sold off at a low price as it has little chance of being redeemed for use at another premises.

“The modular nature of Speedframe means it can be taken apart very easily and re-installed somewhere else, while the adjustments normally required at the new premises ara easily facilitated by other modular pieces.

“It is light to transport and can be carried with ease up staircases and in elevators.

“Surfaces are very easy to keep clean in association with all the strict food handling industry handling laws in Australia and New Zealand and can uphold the integrity of all types of food products, natural or processed.”

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