High quality showcases in 48 hours

Morfurniture has developed a showcase manufacture and supply system that provides extremely fast turnaround without sacrificing aesthetics or quality, hence allowing even the smallest of retailers to showcase product professionally for little expense.


Media release for retail sector: System 48, November 2005

System 48, based on the company’s premium Speedframe product, is made and delivered within 48 hours of an order being placed.

Options for colour and configuration are not just extensive, they are expected to perpetually increase according to market demands.

Applications are also diverse, with the showcase products ideal for retail presentation, commercial offices, public buildings, offices of industrial companies, or anywhere else showcases may be required.

Managing Director of Morfurniture, Mr Kevin Fowler, says System 48 steps into a market gap which had never been facilitated until now.

“The major drawback for business, architects and designers has been that showcases of quality are normally very expensive and can take too much time
to be delivered, and in many situations this can be a prohibitive factor,” said Mr Fowler.

“System 48 counters all these pitfalls as it is based on a high quality, proven industry product and – under all except the most unusual circumstances – will be in the customer’s hand within two full days.

“It combines the ‘quick-fix’ demands of a tough market without sacrificing quality or affordability.”

Even in these initial stages, System 48 provides a range of showcase designs with colour options for frames and panels.

System 48 will be developing perpetually to take into account suggested designs from the market, thus producing measurements that are more tailored than stock dimensions.

In additions, colour options (which are powder coated) will also be constantly increasing, and these will be clearly identifiable on the System 48 website.

“A lot of market research went into identifying what styles and dimensions would be most sought by different markets, hence product has been standardised based on this valuable feedback,” said Mr Fowler.

“An example of the product cross section includes trolley units for restaurant, workstations for offices and display stands for shops.

“Yet demand will definitely dictate what type of showcase products we add to our flexible range. This is expected to happen every few months.

“Any new product introduced will be in the System 48 concept, therefore customers can not only expect a product turnaround within 48 hours, they can expect a well researched product that is good, suitable and it works.

  • For more information, please contact Mr Kevin Fowler, Morfurniture.
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    Tel: 02 4966 4044, fax: 02 4966 4222.
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