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5 Things to Remember for Your Warehouse Layout


Warehouse layouts may seem simple at first but there are a multitude of factors that affect how well a warehouse can perform. There are many opportunities to save money and get the Retail interior design in Australia created. make the work move more quickly. Here are 5 simple ways you can make your warehouse more efficient:

1. Plan ahead.

Not all warehouses will store and operate in the same way. Some warehouses store their inventory for substantial amounts of time but others will have their inventory quickly shifted away. With the knowledge of what kind of items will be stored, you can easily plan for a much more efficient use of your resources. For example, if you build a large warehouse but your inventory only fills half the space, then you are wasting capital that could have been spent improving something else.

2. Organise, utilise and segment areas.

Nobody likes a messy workplace, and your employees are no different. There needs to be clear distinction between areas, such as the placement of both receiving and packaging space. This prevents items or even tools used being misplaced. Time spent looking for supplies that could have been properly organised beforehand is time lost. If you require more space, there is no need to spend more money to expand the structure. Make optimal use of your space by investing in taller storage units to utilise the vertical empty space.

3. Take note of your inventory.

Much like the first point, the items in your inventory aren’t equal either. Items that are popular in the market may move quite a bit while the rest sit still for a long time. You should take advantage of this knowledge by placing said items in a more efficient location. Why have items frequently sold way in the back where they are much harder to reach? It is inefficient to constantly be moving items around, so plan their placements carefully. Ideally, your inventory should be placed in such a way that they don’t need to be moved a second time.

4. Interview employees on how they navigate the warehouse.

Any data that can be gathered may help to find areas of your warehouse that are underperforming. There is no better place for such data than those that work through the warehouse everyday. There are a lot of things that you miss by simply just passing through and observing, and you could be missing a huge opportunity to improve your warehouse productivity.

5. Continue to improve based on your observations.

There will always be space to improve no matter the time. Document your goals, plans and any results. Continue to analyse and review plans them then start all over again. This is an endless cycle that will move you straight forward into a much more efficient system.

Given that the warehouse is a bustling and essential part of your business operations, special care must be given into how it’s designed, much as the care you would bring to a retail establishment or your offices. Places that people navigate are much more pleasant if they’re designed for people.

Still have some questions on how to improve your warehouse layout? We at SpeedFrame can answer all of your questions and help improve your productivity.