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7 Offices That Broke The Cubicle Trend


A lot of things change as we move ever closer into the future, and the way we work is no different. We’ve been moving away from the old cubicle trend of isolating employees with walls to a more contemporary layout of open offices workstation furniture and other office necessities. Here are 7 of the biggest examples of open offices today:


You can’t talk about office innovation without mentioning Google’s offices. The most memorable of them having the addition of a slide that their workers use to quickly move from place to place. Instead of the usual office desk, the employees have a variety of environments to work in. The workspace is open to different personalities. Whether one wants quiet and privacy or an open area where loud discussions can be had, there is always a place that could fit that need.


This office takes down their white walls and brings their occupants closer to nature. You get to enjoy the beautiful greenery, and nature’s many other colors while working or even while taking your lunch. A little bit of serenity is a welcome thing for anyone going through the daily stress of work.


Squarespace utilises the same open office space but with a little bit more privacy with glass walls. It is understandable that some people want to work in a much more peaceful condition without much distraction, but at the same time not feel so detached from the rest of the group.binet keeps everything visible and, more importantly, in order.


Being in an open office can be good, but every once in awhile people need their privacy. In the office of Homepolish, people are given just that with private booths for one or multiple people.

Aeria Games

Aeria Games office is a large, remodeled warehouse lined with custom-made wooden tables. The aesthetic of the office gives a workshop feel to the experience with wide open spaces and large over-arching windows that give natural light and an amazing view of a nearby river.

One Workplace

Not only does the office of One Workplace make for an effective workplace, it doubles as a showroom for their customers. Their resourcefulness pays off as they spend less money on renting or buying two different locations. They get to show both the aesthetic and practical applications of their product.


This office has an open office layout but spices things up a bit by following a non-uniform pattern. Their tables are arranged in an “S” formation with lamps overhead to give their employees optimal lighting. This shows changes to office layout may not need to be huge projects like adding slides or rock climbing equipment. Even something as small as changing the arrangement of desks can make an office much more pleasing to see.

While some offices may work with a cubicle system, other offices have taken the big leap into designing for a different work environment. These offices, as well their employees, are not only more striking, but more productive in their respective fields as well.

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