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Looking For the Best Balcony Interior Design? Ask the Experts!


A balcony is lured by many of us worldwide. I mean who doesn’t love having a beautiful looking space featuring a huge aerial view to the outdoors. Right from getting some fresh air or read your favorite book, to keeping an eye on your kids playing outdoors, and even admiring some beauty of nature in night in peace and silence, the platform that is fenced by the railings and parapets simply works wonders. In fact, in the epic story of Romeo & Juliet, balcony played a very crucial role.


Earlier, a trend had begun in ancient Rome where homeowners used the balcony as a décor in the huge palaces. After all these years, the space has re-emerged all across the globe and this is simply due to its architectural creation. Other than having an enlarged space, the balcony offers a plethora benefits such as act like a unique place, allow one to have a me-time as they are usually separated from the room area by a door and you can easily access it by an opening. Besides, offers you privacy and security that yards and backyards won’t provide. And the best of all, increased resell value because houses featuring balconies are considered as architectural masterpieces.


In the following post, I would like to mention a few creative ideas to dress up your balcony this winter. But before we move forward it is very important to know what are you looking for?


First, how big is your space? – Well, It doesn’t mean your space needs to be literally big in size because even two square meters offers lots of possibilities. Just measure it on the accurate basis and look around for best balcony interior designs around.


Second, which direction does the balcony follow? There is a reason why I am asking you to concentrate on this pointer. South facing balconies tend to score the maximum amount of sunlight (great for winters). Whereas, in case, if the space is aligned to the North, you won’t be benefited much. Speaking of the size and orientation, it simply depends on the possibility of use. I mean you can definitely accommodate it with flowers or a vegetable patch, having an outdoor meal will seem like a pure bliss.


Third, Time to consider the style. Whether you prefer rustic, purist or colorful style, just go through each and every possible source emphasizing on the latest styles before finalizing one.


Let’s get started with balcony decorating ideas


  1. Indoor Space Extension – Stop considering balcony as an outdoor space, think it as a rare extension of indoor spaces and then proceed. If you have a small balcony, bring outdoors in. It’s prudent to have a clear idea of what you want before you start. Every balcony has one particular chair which might not live to its productivity value. So try making a canopy for it at home. Add a curtain on the hula hoop and simply hang it in a corner of your balcony. Place the chair under it and hang fairy lights all around to brighten things up.
  2. Old mattresses to use– Try converting your balcony into a comfy spot by rolling out all your old mattresses. Pick any corner of your choice and place them. Don’t forget to bring out some pillows.
  3. Seasonal additions– Whether you make use of natural or readymade, seasonal additions always works wonders. For example, think of using white pebbles as a top dressing while the green plants in the background take visual precedence over her gray-toned containers.
  4. How about adding a hammock– Adding a hammock is more like making the ultimate holiday spot. Besides, they are great in terms of investment of course, due to their portability. Adding this to your balcony means you can sleep right there in the winter sun when you want to!
  5. Low maintenance garden– After all the installing and planning, time to sit back, relax and enjoy! But check out these time-saving watering tips:
    1. Use a hosepipe instead of a watering can
    2. An entry-level drip irrigation system

Quite easy, ain’t it?