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Create a Home Office That Makes You More Productive At Work


Have you ever thought about what can you do when something unexpected shows up? Obviously, blame-storming or beating yourself up for being yourself (how is that productive?) is not the solution. Instead, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing.

Can you tell me what creates a productive mood? Does the environment matter? I mean the debate is still on whether employees who work in the office are more productive than those who work from their home. I personally believe that working from home gives you more freedom to create the space you need or do the work according to your needs. At home, the situation is entirely in your control (for most of the time) while in office, expect the unexpected. So don’t you think, it would be great if you get all of your work done from the comfort of your own home? All you need to do is design an attention-grabbing, comfy home office.

Of course, reduced travel time, savings on gas and meals the comfort of working in your pajamas are some of the crucial benefits offered by a home office. More importantly, telecommuting actually makes people more productive and it can sure help you achieve that elusive work-life balance. At the same time, it has its own challenges, for example- there can be family distractions, your dog might disturb you every now and then, children/significant other/neighbors interrupting as they are unable to grasp the concept of working at home.

So first and foremost, separate your workspace from the living area. Yes, much like corporate spaces, try creating a separate space which is dedicated enough and helps to minimize distractions from all the reasons stated above and other goings-on at home that might beg your attention. Apart from this, there is another practical aspect of creating a separate workspace with a bit physical boundaries; i.e. they will definitely help in maintaining some mental boundaries so that your two lives don’t bleed together.

Down below I would like to mention a few pointers that can guide you in creating the best home office for your space.

    • Ergonomics– According to several studies, good posture and ergonomics can result in a notable increase when it comes to productivity. So try to come up with a set up that benefits your body as well as your work at the same time. What I exactly mean to say is, while sitting at work your elbow should be placed at the right angles and the screen should be kept at the eye level so that your body seems to be appropriately aligned rather than slouched over your laptop or workstation, yes I am talking about the unwanted “turtle pose”.
    • Let there be light– Allowing as much natural light as possible into your space be it home or office decreases eye fatigue and uncertain headaches. In fact, natural light that boosts Vitamin D has the potential to increase your productivity and makes your feel happier in no time. So don’t forget to keep your curtains and blinds open while working but at the same time just make sure you have good lighting in your workspace for when it’s cloudy or dark.
    • Go Green– Try to bring some outdoors in. Well, I am not saying your entire garden but think of bringing some outdoor plants, which are less in terms of maintenance. After all, a desk or floor plant is the best way to add a breath of fresh air to your workspace and create some visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen. In addition to this, try something resilient, like a small cactus or succulent, or at least arrange your desk so that you can see the outdoors.
    • Be Tech-Friendly– For home offices, it is very important to make sure that you choose the technology which is at your best accomplice. Receiving technical faults on the frequent basis with your existing devices can be pretty much frustrating. So make sure to keep all your existing devices such as your computer, printer or connections updated. Always remember, system crashes and data loss can cause more danger than its worth.
  • Keep it neat and tidy– Last but certainly not the least, do you know what is the best part of incorporating modular home office furniture? It is very easy in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. We working people have already enough mental clutter so why put physical one. So, keep your desk area tidy.