Dockside fitout blends industrial and design


An efficient system manufactured in Australia has been installed by a firm of architects to blend an interior fitout with its old-style dockside location for a major indent agent of clothing and manchester.

Vinetex, located at the newly renovated Jones Bay Wharf on Sydney Harbour, wanted to achieve a functional look that blends with the internal and external surroundings, yet consideration had to be given to functionality and affordability.

Architects were given a brief to install a product capable of various applications at one premise.

This brief emphasised the importance of identifying not just a product for different functions but one capable of maintaining a consistent aesthetic right across the board.

It came down to the industrial aesthetic of the Speedframe product which offered the good, clean look the client needed – one that is suitable to open plan workstations, shelving, desks and anything else, so consistency was met.

Speedframe turned out to be very practical, easy to use, modular yet very flexible.

It showed adaptability for open plan workstations and gave a cost effective option as the architects needed to stay away from regular workstation systems – which are often over-designed.

This was commercial office fitout that saw the architects making an installation categorised as a ‘working office’ rather than one at the luxury end, hence it was able to draw on the product’s no-nonsense quality yet it still looks extremely attractive when installed.

Vinetex operates its business on two floors, with Speedframe used on both levels. The product has been installed in various locations within the premises, including:

  • At the reception area
  • For workstations
  • As open shelving to allow double access and better light penetration
  • As framework for partitions
  • Where general furniture is required.

Speedframe is a tubular aluminium framing possessing a high level of strength and the appearance of stainless steel

Due to Speedframe’s patented design, on-site assembly can be done quickly and easily. Speedframe’s aluminium die-cast connectors (square or rounded) not only make for a strong connection, they also allow for different powder coating options.

Manufactured and supplied by Morfurniture, it can be configured from the simplest of sketches or drawings and supplied in tubing cut to any size, height or length, therefore not limiting the designer to any standard dimensions.

Pre-finished tubes and accessories have end-caps to ensure a neat finish, while only simple tools are used to assemble the system. Should they be required, castors can be installed for movement or screw-in feet can be fitted to level or lift items from the floor.

Strong and sturdy, it can be assembled to stack very high without posing dangers of falling as it can never become top-heavy. As it can stand high off the floor, work for cleaning staff is simplified and normally done better.

The system is cost effective when compared to refurnishing with traditional office furniture such as shelving and workstations.

These traditional options have a shape and structure that normally is not able to be altered; and should it need repositioning or relocation it poses a difficult logistics problem due to weight and cumbersome size.

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