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Get More Foot Traffic with These Innovative Retail Interior Design Ideas


The first few seconds when a customer enters into your shop and look around are the ones which decide whether he will stay or not. Good preparation means half the battle won- That’s why creating a beautiful retail store design turns out to be a game-changing factor.

The best part of designing a retail space is that you don’t need loads and loads of money to invest in such activities. Even with a minimal budget, if used wisely, you can come up with an extraordinary space that would get you more foot traffic to your shop. The retail industry has been around for quite a long time- and you will come across a plethora of approaches used to design and set up a unique looking store. The following post will offer you with certain basics to take into account when it comes to creating effective retail interiors. One of the finest way to get them browsing for more and more products and head them towards the checkout.

Consider the Threshold

Threshold area also known as decompression zone needs to be kept in mind before planning any layout. In simple terms, it is the first space that will be considered by your potential customers as soon as they step into your store. It’s basically the first five to fifteen feet worth of space, of course depending on the overall size of the store. It’s kind of space where your customers make the transition from the outside world and experience what you as a store owner need to offer.

At this point, you might even require thinking how cheap or how expensive your store is or how well you have accessorized in terms of lighting, fixtures, displays, and colors. Remember, your customer will be in a transition mode, which means they are more likely to miss any product, signage or carts placed there.

Off To the Right

It’s quite a well-known fact that 90% of consumers turn right unconsciously right upon entering the store. So come up with a beautiful power wall which offers nothing less than high first impressions. Whether it’s your new or seasonal items, this is the perfect time to capture their attention with high-profit or high-demand products. You can even think of revealing your product’s stories as a part of your retail interior design in Australia.

Create a walk path

As a retailer, you will obviously be using furniture, displays, racks, and other tools. So why not try creating a clear path for your customers to walk through? As soon as your customer turns right, it becomes your job to make sure they do continue walking throughout your store. This won’t just end up increasing the chances of purchase but will turn out as a great way to strategically control the flow of foot traffic in your store.

If not straight you can even think of a circular path clockwise or counterclockwise. Now I am pretty sure you must have come across the well-known saying, where the eyes go, the feet will follow. So put an eye-catching and attention-grabbing display at the end of your aisles or come up with a path that leads your customer somewhere.

Slowly & Steadily

Being a retailer we completely understand how maximum of your time and effort goes into placing your merchandises. One of the best ways to combat such situation is through creating breaks that force them to pause. Commonly referred as speed bumps, customers are given visual breaks in the name of signage or special/seasonal displays. It may quite interest you to know that these displays encourage impulse purchases as well as they even complement products on display in close proximity.

Additional tip- It is very important to think about grouping products in such a way that makes sense from a shopper’s perspective.

It’s all about making them comfortable

Have you ever come across the term butt-brush effect? According to consumer behavior expert Paco Underhill, a typical customer especially women will try avoiding going after merchandise in an aisle where they could potentially brush another customer’s backside or have their backside brushed. And you know what this is actually true, no matter if the customer is very much interested in the given product. So what can be done is? Make sure that your aisle, floor, and displays allow customers to have more than adequate personal space when browsing your products.

Also, you can think of making your store more comfortable by including a waiting area. But don’t forget to keep the seats or benches facing the merchandise so that they’re still on the top of their minds.