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Industrial Interior Design- Instead Of Concealing, it’s Time to Show off Your Belongings


In the present scenario, achieving a classic home look is insanely tricky; and that’s the reason why I personally find the idea of timeless space pretty intimidating. At one moment you may find everything covered in bold pink marble, and then the very next it’s all about minimalist décor. When it comes to interior designing, nothing is predefined. The fickle beast which looked modern and fresh yesterday can turn down to any point of time, and designing trends which once dismissed as a thing of past can unexpectedly cycle back in vogue. So we tapped our bunch of skilled interior designers to find out what’s hot and what’s not right now.

First, let’s hold off on that for a second, and start somewhere else (which will eventually lead us to the answer). Down below I would like to mention a few design trends that seem to be fading from the public consciousness.

  1. Paneling on the walls
    There was a time when paneling in your living room or basement was craved by every homeowner across the globe. Today, panels are seen to be replaced by some simply painted drywall allowing owners to use the space in their very own way.
  2. No greenhouse interiors
    2018 is the year where it seems that ferns have become somewhat overused element at one point. Nobody feels the need to create a greenhouse effect in their living spaces.
  3. Tufted Headboards
    This one is centuries old and it no longer has the glam feel that it once did. Tufted headboards in your bedroom might seem like a stuffy statement board which doesn’t make sense anymore.
  4. Feeling too staged
    Gone are the days when people use to treat their homes like a showroom/store where everything was kept on stage including the bed. Today people are more inclined towards the feeling of being cozy and curated with the pieces chosen specifically for their space. Rooms need to be cohesive. But just make sure that you do not have the same line of fixtures in every room. It won’t look good!
  5. Formal living spaces
    Living spaces have become more casual than the way they used to be before. These days, if someone asks what the actual definition of luxury is, I would simply say ease of life and comfort. Gone are the days when people remained on the tip-toe around their homes due to the fear of breaking or staining something.


However, transforming a formal living space into a cozy one doesn’t require an entire design overhaul. All you need to do is connect with a reliable team of interior designers in Australia who can enhance your space without much hassle and time.

And what’s hot?

Have you thought of incorporating a style featuring more stripped-down spaces, sleek design and utilitarian metal or wooden furniture? If so, industrial interior décor is apt for you. Right from restaurants to pubs, malls, offices and now homes, the style has made its mark by offering unique and special, which is hard to find in modern interior design. And do you know what is the focal point of an industrial space is often the furniture within it. I mean it can be of any style, shape, and size. Here tables can range from simple and classic aesthetics to very bold and unusual designs.

Industrial Interior Design in Australia Can Be Applied Everywhere:

Industrial Design for Board rooms

Industrial Design for Home

Industrial Design for Office

Industrial Design for Restaurants

Industrial Design for Retail

  1. Meeting rooms & boardrooms– Adding a grand furniture piece to you meeting room/boardroom can impress your end clients in no time. In addition to this, you can even consider creating multi-story lounge lobby areas with inviting seating or incorporating large clear or translucent glass panels to maintain the open work atmosphere.
  2. Homes– Industrial furniture is mainly used by homeowners who especially require making a statement. Speedframe has a very good habit of accessing the learning curve beforehand and paying attention to every detail of the process from time to time. Our each piece emerges as a perfect example of balanced and flawlessly aligned.Choose a table with accompanying stools that provide a perfect square to gather around with family and friends for food and fun. Unlike modern designs, industrial fit-outs are capable of converting the loft style home in no time.
  3. Offices– Making the most of clinker brick walls, exposed wooden joists and rafters, and heavy metal doors and fixtures, you can create an office like never before. Heavy-duty metal workstations and desks made of welded steel or stainless steel are very important when it comes to industrial interior design for an office space environment. Besides, you can also add high ceilings, often with a narrow band of clerestory windows, or a saw-tooth roofline with glazed skylights.
  4. Restaurants– This is the point where it all started from. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are trending towards creating a warm ambience and atmosphere. All you require is some minimal shelving, incorporating low-maintenance plants, showcasing some local art, adding some DIY light fixtures, unique seating options to create a beautiful Industrial interior design in Australia.
  5. Retail– Even the retail industry seems to be interested in exposing all that lies beneath to achieve a raw, edgy style. Retail is all about putting everything on display and so is the industrial style. Turning structural elements into showpieces, achieving that unfinished look which still seems cohesive and chic is increasing in terms of popularity. Without a shadow of a doubt, one can say that industrial interior designs are trending at a fanatic pace converting each and every space around the world.

So that’s all for now! Feel free to connect with Speedframe as we have pieces for every price point.