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Less Is More When It Comes To Small Retail Spaces


Retail store owners have only one goal in their lives- To attract as many customers as they can. And honestly speaking there is nothing new left to try- right from playing music to creating the right path, filling their stores with alluring scents- the only thing left is to do it right.

With over several years of combined experience, we at Speedframe have successfully delivered unique retail interior designs. Our team of fanatical professionals have mastered the art. Right from initial planning through to implementation, the trick to get positive outcomes is simply understanding your customer. Of course, there are several ways to improve or enhance your store design but being a small retail store it’s not necessary for you to contemplate an expensive overhaul. All you can do is, grab a cup of tea, sit down, and read away. Further, I would like to mention a few strategic ideas that will help in sprucing up your space and that too, without blowing your budget.

Declutter creatively

Less is more is the current mantra, when it comes to small retail stores. I mean when you are already living in a sales per square foot kind of world where everything you do can directly affect your store’s revenue, decluttering creatively might turn out to be a blessing. After all, messy or crowded designs won’t do anything but drive customers away.

Let’s hold off on that for a second, and start somewhere else (which will eventually lead us to the answer). In web designing, there is a term called “white space”. In simple words, it is a space around text and images that you are hoping to draw attention to. With too little white space, readers won’t be able to focus well on the things that you placed as a focal point whereas too much white space means you missed the opportunity to communicate something unique and fun about your brand and your business. The similar concept applies in designing a retail store. Consider appropriate white space.

Paint an accent wall

Painting a wall with a bold color is one of the most affordable and effective ways to not just spice up space but even make it look longer. Bold colored walls seemed to be creating several illusions of receding in space. In addition to this, don’t forget putting colorfully printed fabric or wallpaper on one of your walls is another way to achieve the same effect, while adding eye-catching textures and patterns to your store.

Background Music Your Customers Would Love

Of course, background music has been pretty much in vogue these days. But at the same time, one needs to consider music volume, and how it will sound around the store and affect customers. A deep research into retail interior design has shown that customer’s shopping behavior gets naturally affected by background music. In fact, you can think of using Bluetooth speakers that excel in offering a pleasant shopping environment for retail stores and small businesses.

Time to think vertically

Displaying items on various levels cannot just maximize the space but also turn out to be visually appealing to customers. Hanging shelving is the easiest way to achieve this effect. Moreover, you can even mount drapes and other items from the ceiling to the floor to draw the eye up and create the sense of a larger space, etc.

Adjust Your Lighting Design

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to improve the look of an old store is by replacing the light bulbs. And soon you will find that customers respond well to this kind of lighting, do you know why? It’s because they can assess the quality and color of your wares more easily. Unfortunately, Lighting is something which is overlooked by several store owners. But using uplighting, spotlighting, track lighting to highlight certain elements can work wonders for you.

Over to You

Your store design needs to be created very carefully. After all, it is something that will reveal to your customers how much value you put into your business and sooner or later they will come to know if it’s worth visiting or not. So do not hassle, take your own sweet time and remember whatever you do it will certainly pay off.