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Modular Kitchen Interior Design- The Best Way You Would Like To Cook


“Meals and memories are made here!” – Being one of the most crucial spaces in the house, kitchen areas must be best in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. Now you could have done the best research and gathered all the right information, but all of that counts for nothing if you don’t know how to present it right in the form of a design. Right from cooking to cleaning, eating, drinking, and socializing; creating a good design that trumps everything else is the smartest move to take.


The evolution of kitchen spaces had made a huge transformation over the past few years. From being something that was once confined to the back of the house has succeeded in becoming the central meeting place for family & friends. The working horse of the home is now very much celebrated across the globe. Before you get started, figuring out what layout must be used for your cooking spaces is very important. Unfortunately, for many of you choosing a modular kitchen interior design seems to be something that skips your mind rather easily. As a result, most of the people get into a dilemma at this point.


Understand the Work Triangle

I am pretty sure you must have heard of the working triangle; if not, it refers to the ideal distance and positioning between certain kitchen elements such as your cooktop, oven, range hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave.  Initially, the triangle term mainly included space required between the cooking appliances, refrigerator, and the sink. But with the rise in additional appliances today’s modern designs two overlapping triangles, or replace the triangle with a square. Which means a kitchen may have numerous appliances and equipments but make sure your design relies on certain factors like:


  • Allow efficient leg room for workflow
  • Minimal distances to travel within the space
  • Have adequate counter space close to all appliances
  • Don’t forget to incorporate several power points to run all of your appliances


Further, I would like you to get acquainted with some common kitchen designs and determine which layout will suit your space and your family’s needs. So are you ready to get inspired?


Single Wall or Straight Kitchen

single walled kitchen

This type combines cooking, washing, and storage zones in a single row. Being pretty much ideal for apartments, units or small homes, the space offers ample storage, allow unobstructed movement and make working in the kitchen a breeze. In addition to this, you can even think of adding a small kitchen island, of course depending on your existing space or else you can use an island on castors is a good idea as it offers flexibility to move it around if required.

Galley or 2 Walled Kitchen

2 walled kitchen

There is a reason why galley kitchens are mainly used on ships; they save ample of spaces. Anything you need, it turns out to be at an arm’s reach. Speaking about the design, it features a central walkway between two rows of cabinets. Such type of kitchen areas are best in terms of food preparation for friends and family gatherings.

L Shaped Kitchen with an Island

L Shaped Kitchen

Do you find the need to utilize each and every corner of your room? L shaped kitchen designs with island works well. In addition to this, it is also good as it allows 2 or more people to work in the kitchen at the same time. Mainly suited for larger rooms, it allows guests to sit outside the work zone but still enjoy the cooking aromas. Accommodating an island bench or dining room table that works as a separate bar for adding occasional meals.

The U Shaped Kitchen

U Shaped Kitchen

As the name implies, the kitchen area is arranged in a U shape featuring the work triangle on the three sides of the room. Do you find the need to reduce the amount of distance between various elements? U shaped designs are best for you. The sink is usually located at the center of the U, with the fridge, pantry and cooking appliances on either side.


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In a nutshell,

Whatever design you opt for, just keep this in mind your decision won’t just affect the ambiance of your space but also the working. I hope you are equipped with an overview of the most popular kitchen design layouts, it’s time for action!