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Office Interior Design: This Is How You Can Make Work More Enjoyable For Your Tribe


People will never forget how you made them feel. The same has never been truer for employees. Living in today’s competitive world isn’t a child’s play. Businesses are going all the guns to maximize the productivity of their valuable staff members. Tech giants- Silicon Valley & Google are known as the world’s best employer, why? Here’s when unique interior design concepts come into play.

Nobody loves to work nine to five in a place that’s boring. Plus, there is no point in working in a space that doesn’t get the best from its employees. Imperative office interior designs certainly play a crucial role in attracting talent to your organization. Gone are the days when salary or financial compensation were the only driving factors- employees these days demand a workplace that stimulates creativity, collaboration, and communication reducing stress and anxiety. This isn’t true for millennials but for other age groups as well. Apart from this,

  • It directly impacts employee productivity
  • People can focus and concentrate whenever needed
  • Collaborate and communicate easily
  • Physically and mentally comfortable

How Does A Good Office Interior Design Look Like?

Of course, it has to be tempting enough. So try incorporating some slides or a table-tennis table, foosball table to make your office an exciting place to be in, and that’s when your half job is done. Understand how they work and then build things accordingly. Always remember workplaces are all about the people in them and, as such, must be built around the people rather than based on perceived notions of what an office should or shouldn’t look like or what’s currently trendy.

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Down below I would like to mention a few ideas to take into account while dealing with office interiors. Let’s get started.

    1. Activity-Based Working
      Like I said before, create such an environment where an employee can work anywhere that suits his or her ongoing activity. For instance, if your employee requires a high amount of concentration and focus, give them the freedom to move to an isolated space. Whereas on the other hand, if an employee is doing something such as learning a new software application or overseeing a new employee, this requires close collaboration with co-workers- then choosing a traditional desk is viable option.

      So what can be incorporated here?

      • Open office areas
      • Privacy areas
      • Quite focus areas
      • Meeting areas
      • Special lounges
      • Café areas

      But this does not mean you shouldn’t fret about unforeseen consequences. Yes, an open office plan can attract inevitable distractions and noise leading to block activities which specially require extra attention. So you must take appropriate measures, and rest is sorted.

    2. Flexible workspace
      The flexible workspace design is gaining traction these days. Here desks, tables, and chairs are easily movable/ resizable. Unlike traditional office plan, this kind of workspaces also features unassigned seating arrangements. For instance, a meeting table can be easily resized by merely attaching or detaching modular components of the table. In fact, one can easily move around as they mainly rely on wheels and castors. This not only boosts collaboration between workers but also allows the dynamic creation of new teams and for short-term and long-term tasks.

      Here employees aren’t assigned to any desk in specific as they have the right to sit on any desk of their choice. The concept, in particular, is given importance in today’s modern trend toward a paperless workplace where a computer digitizes nearly all information. And since today’s project are becoming dynamic and free-flowing, it is very important to enhance collaboration among employees. For example- Check out the Google Garage

    1. When the nature comes in
      Have you ever heard of biophilic design? It is a trend initiated by humans who need to connect with nature. By doing this, you will gain better health, concentration, creativity, and work performance. Natural light, flowing water, plants, views of nature, floors, ceilings, staircases, handrails made from wood/stone.
    1. Home-like atmosphere
      Have you ever heard about the concept of creating a home away from home? Try this in your workspace, bright and comfortable sofas, and recreational swings to ping-pong tables to lounge areas- the relaxing and stress-free environment will act as bliss for your staff members. Also, allow them to take a few short breaks to take a rest or a nap so that they can remain productive throughout the day.

      A few home-like perks to consider:

      • Home-like sofas, armchairs, pod seats, and coffee tables.
      • Lounge areas.
      • Break areas with recreational games.
      • Cafés with free coffee, snacks, and food.
      • Fully stocked bars.
      • Outdoor terraces and balconies.
      • Exercise gym and showers.

In a nutshell,

Any business would benefit from treating employees as valuable assets rather than just cogs in the machine.