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Storage Solutions For All Of Your Prized Possessions


Storage of all your precious items and tools is the simple task of choosing the right product for you. Speedframe owns a wide array of storage solutions that can fit any need. You no longer have to worry about misplacing your items and wasting time searching for them by keeping them organised. The quality of workmanship guarantees the durability and strength of each product. Here are a few of the many excellent products Speedframe has to offer.


These Exhibit Display Frames are built to withstand the long periods of time typically involved in setting up exhibits or museums. These museum exhibit display cases feature a minimal design so as not to draw attention away from the objects on display. That is not to say that the frame is not aesthetically pleasing on its own, however – it can stand with the rest of your display whilst still keeping that professional air.


The frames are fully customisable, made to fit with any exhibit, regardless of size or subject matter. Made with durable and quality anodised aluminum, the frame is constructed so that no matter the configuration, its strength will not diminish.


If you’re looking for a more industrial-type storage solution, then look no further than the Industrial Display Stand and Industrial Work Table. Both are guaranteed to be sturdy enough to carry the heavy materials or electronic appliances that you or your employees use. These have no locks or cabinets, giving your employees easy access to their tools at all times. Having multiple slots while still maintaining durability also means you can keep your operations organised and clean, without having to worry about any damage or other unfortunate incidents.


A more personal and individual product for the industrial workplace is the Specialised Work Table. Designed with strength and durability in mind, you can be sure that this table will not fail with any task you use it for. It houses multiple compartments to keep your tools organised and within your reach at all times. This is the perfect table for people who work with multiple tools and papers and like having enough space for larger projects.


For office or commercial settings, the Commercial Storage Cabinets are a great option. Much like a file cabinet but without the heavy metal drawers, a unit contains multiple compartments that are perfect for storing any important files or paperwork. The sleek design allows you to be able to quickly locate any file while also giving you enough space to manoeuvre from drawer to drawer. Additionally, at the the bottom of each unit is a cabinet for long-term storage needs.

The commercial counterpart of the specialised work table, the Commercial Office Workstation, provides the very same benefits but with more focus on office work. Instead of compartments, it contains drawers for paperwork and office supplies. The table surface is a little more narrow, but is perfect for office work that requires just enough space for a computer and stationery.


Check out Speedframe’s website for even more products to fit your industrial, commercial and office storage needs. If you have any questions or wish to consult with experts, please do not hesitate to call or send us an email.