Strength and beauty conceals power lines in commercial office fitout

Morfurniture has rapidly entered the commercial fitout market with a versatile product that conceals power lines when used as framing for shelving, desks and workstations as well as an aesthetics enhancer on existing office equipment which may be considered bland.


New product editorial for commercial office fitout: Feb 2005

Speedframe, a tubular aluminium framing, has a high level of strength and the appearance of stainless steel – a popular look in an emerging minimalist look favoured by designers and consultants on commercial interiors.

Simple to install, no special skills are needed and strong joints are attained. These are metal joints – square or rounded – with hidden plastic inserts, so the integrity of the metal appearance is not compromised by joints of a different material.

To facilitate any design and project, Morfurniture works from the simplest of sketches or drawings and supplies tubing cut to any size, height or length, therefore not limiting the designer to any standard dimensions.

Pre-finished tubes and accessories have end-caps to ensure a neat finish, while only simple tools are used to assemble the system. Should they be required, castors can be installed for movement or screw-in feet can be fitted to level or lift items from the floor.

Managing Director of Morfurniture, Mr Kevin Fowler, says the minimalist look of Speedframe is raising the interest of architects, designers and fitout experts, but it is not just the aesthetics giving the product acceptance in this competitive market.

“Speedframe has many practical attributes managers and business owners are seeking in the modern office – whether it is a new premises or an old one being refitted,” said Mr Fowler.

“Because the product is a modular framework-based system, it can be positioned anywhere on the office footprint with little trouble and hence allow a floor plan that allows a lot of natural light to pass through the office.

“Even at offices situated in buildings that do not have much access to natural light, Speedframe can be assembled to use at an optimum whatever sunlight it has available.

“This is just one of the main reasons why the product is experiencing a fast level of acceptance in commercial fitouts.”

Speedframe is cost effective when compared to refurnishing with traditional office furniture such as shelving and workstations.

These traditional options have a shape and structure that normally is not able to be altered; and should it need repositioning or relocation it poses a difficult logistics problem due to weight and cumbersome size.

Speedframe is strong, sturdy, and can be assembled to stack very high without posing dangers of falling as it can never become top-heavy.

As it can stand high off the floor, work for cleaning staff is simplified and normally done better.

If an office set-up is being reconfigured or a business is relocating to new premises, Speedframe is simple to take apart and when it is installed in the new premises it is easily assembled in a different formation to suit the new footprint.

“Staff find Speedframe a positive aspect of the work environment as it allows them to feel part of an open plan office rather than one that is inadvertently sectioned off by traditional office furniture and shelving,” said Mr Fowler.

“As Speedframe can perform and look good equally as well in an office as it does in a showroom it speaks volumes for its ability to combine strength and aesthetics well.”

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