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The Warehouse Look For Your Living Space- Yay Or Nay?


If you are one of our followers then I am sure you must have come across several interior design styles on our blog itself. But for those who have stumbled upon our site for the very first time, I would like to introduce you to one of the most trending, raw, edgy warehouse look for your living space- Industrial Interior Design.

The Origin: From Where Did It Start?

Developed in the early twentieth century, the industrial interior design were meant to be utilitarian. During the absence of electricity, narrow structures with large windows were built so that work floors could be flooded with natural light. The simple looking architects did not incorporate any frills and were especially designed to facilitate work. After a while, it is assumed that safety concerns had a major influence on industrial architecture, particularly mill factories. As a result, this kind of design discouraged use of attics, recommended flat roofs, which became a staple in no time. Other than this, plain facades were also recommended to avoid any ornamental objects that might hinder fire suppression resulting in providing the unfinished look and feel characterized by exposed bricks, pipes, and ductwork — all features that have become iconic elements of industrial chic design.

Stemming from efficiency and safety, the design is becoming iconic day in day out across the globe. After being successfully implemented by factories and warehouse, they are now finding new life in living spaces, modern dwellings, and events. Staring from the worn flooring, distressed walls, and aged pipes have become well-used prized scars and are loved over the years.

Why it is Chic Today?

Think of a warehouse a place featuring, worn-out wood flooring brick walls, metal bars exposed from the ceiling. Now can you think of giving the same look to your office or living space? No matter how crazy idea it may seem at first. Speaking of the urban lofts, there is seen an immense growth of incorporating industrial interiors into their condo homes. Besides, it has the certain oomph to it. In fact, certain restaurants/ coffee shops have started using wooden bar tables, bar stools made of steel, and elegant industrial lighting fixtures. Further, I would like to emphasize on the fact stating how every room can benefit from a dose of industrial style.

Industrial Interior Design

Let’s Design a Place You Can Proudly Call Home

    1. Exposed pipes and ducts
      One of the best signature element of an industrial look can be achieved by incorporating exposed pipes and ducts hidden behind the thick walls. The key is to proudly display building materials especially the ones which many of you try to conceal. Started with the necessity, the design has succeeded in making a huge impact on living spaces. Other than this, it even acts as a smart choice for all white spaces as bright walls are a fabulous contrast to metal piping, providing even more light to the room, making it look visually bigger.
    2. Vintage furniture & accessories
      Experimenting is another key factor when it comes to incorporating an industrial interior design. But you need to be very careful here! Don’t even think of choosing the color and extravagant furniture pieces but choose simple and neutral ones. For example, imagine an old wooden coffee table surrounded with modern leather furniture, old TV turned into a retro bar or an old sawing machine you found at your grandmother’s attic.
    3. Appropriate Lighting
      Industrial spaces have to be bright filled with natural light but that doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate electronic fixtures. All you can do is try choosing a simple, old, iron triangular chandeliers above your kitchen island, or stretch cables across the entire ceiling just to have light bulbs hand in the middle of the room. Look around for classic metal wall fixtures, I am sure they will work wonders for your space.


That’s a Wrap!

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