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Transform an Ordinary Design with a Showstopper Top Off


Gone are the days when white and flat used to be the most appreciated theme used to design ceilings for our living spaces. Having a well-designed top off that not only provides a significant character but a strong impact on your lives is pretty in vogue these days.

In a general scenario, ceilings aren’t something designed to grab attraction. As a result, they are probably considered as the one last things to notice in a room. But that doesn’t’ mean ceilings cannot become the focal point of your room. Whether it is in the living room or the dining area, the kitchen or the bedroom, designing a great ceiling can give a room a unique, inimitable and individual character that also leaves an indelible impression in the minds of those who step in.

Define Perfect Ceiling Design?

Obsessing over one metric is almost always the wrong way to go. Basically, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing a ceiling design. The answer is, it depends on the space available; surrounding walls, the overall theme of the house, etc. All you need to do is let your imagination run wild. For starters, if you are planning to design ceiling in the bathroom then you need to come up with something that can bring variety to a room. Be inspired and don’t shy away from unique styles as you never know how these oddball ideas could bring an irresistible charm to your space.

In addition to this,

  • What are your style preferences? (Modern, classic, industrial, etc)
  • Analyse your ceiling’s internal skeleton
  • Budget and maintenance

After figuring out these aspects, let’s delve into an amazing collection of ceiling designs that will surely inspire you.

High contrast ceiling

Such elaborate ceiling designs can turn out to be flashy or artistic depending on your personal taste as well as other room design and interiors. It doesn’t matter whether your ceiling draws attention through unusual lighting, bold & playful color combination or industrial furnishing, it’s all up to you.

Define by home’s architecture

Some ceilings supposed to be already defined by home architecture, which is not a bad thing at all! Think of something that enhances your existing property, choose some bare beams that go well with the surrounding areas of the space.

Unusual designs

Good news folks! Unusual or unique looking designs can be achieved in numerous ways apart from color. Think of certain features that offer a subtle way to divide the space easily. Creating such optical effects with some wood or polystyrene can work wonders for you. All you need to do is place these components in your pre-determined places and fix them. After doing all this, add color depending on your ceiling ideas. While selecting such additional material for your spaces, make sure to pay attention to which component you want to emphasize in your design.

stainless steel open kitchen
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Additional Tip: In case, if you are installing a wooden ceiling, make sure to measure the exact height of the room. Chances are there that such materials might shrink the height of your space to a great extent. Also, consider what kind of furniture you plan. We at Speedframe end up providing more values with our industrial furniture in Australia to keep our customers happy and loyal.

Ceiling with cozy lighting

Depending much on the style of the architecture and furnishings, think of a subtle lighting by means of a clever clipping design. In order to design a unique living room, choose a hanging ceiling. Pulling off such ideas is not just manageable but can have impressive results too. All you need to do is choose lighting systems which subtly illuminates your room giving off that cozy atmosphere.

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So that’s a wrap! This is one silhouette that I can’t seem to get enough of right now.