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Transform Your Existing Space into an Industrial Chic Paradise


Creating a new home is always an exciting task but it doesn’t mean that the process of designing one would be easy. Transformation is a continuous process; something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can all of a sudden go outdated, and trends once dismissed as becoming the thing of past can unexpectedly cycle back in vogue. For example- old warehouses, barns, and industrial buildings have been back shaking the design world by storm.


Staring from those rustic exposed finishes and structural elements to those beautiful looking industrial inspired lighting fixtures, transforming a simple looking space with such industrial styles can simply create wonders like never before. One of the major advantages of using such look is that it offers all pleasures and comforts of a modern looking home without forsaking history. And if you live in a country cottage rancher, don’t hesitate to go with this style. It doesn’t matter whether you reside in a cozy studio apartment or a big home, incorporating the “unfinished look” will always provide you with a place you’ve always dreamed of.


Before you go for industrial interior design in Australia

Research well, creating a space from your dreams requires lots and lots of time and money. So do the task wisely! Look around to buildings with historic pasts, they might reveal creative ideas that you never thought about before. Exposed brick walls, timber roof trusses, and steel columns without drywall wraps are common elements of an industrial design. Other than this, consider flea markets and look beyond dust and chaos. Pick out pieces that evoke grunge and look like they were part of an old cotton mill factory.


Next, the amount of space you don’t use is just as important as the spaces you do use. There are several elements which are bold, stand-out pieces especially the ones who deserve to stand alone must be used. Don’t put too many elements and objects into one place can make you feel claustrophobic. Offer good legroom and breathing space!


Ideas to pull off industrial décor

Read on to learn how to create a mechanical yet cozy looking space featuring the best industrial interior design elements in Australia that will transform a drab pad into the ‘loft’ of your dreams.


Add Greenery

One of the best ways to make industrial décor cozy is by adding plenty of greenery elements. Use appropriate planters such as concrete square planters or these concrete geometric planters to keep up with your new style.


Putting them on floating shelves or pipe shelves especially in the areas where you get plenty of natural light is the best way to consider.


Right bunch of Colors

The industrial look is never cold, it has to be warm featuring orange and brown. These warm tones in the form of wall or pillows, artwork can both brighten and warm up a cold metal decor.


Unfinished details

Aesthetics that seem humble, blue-collar appeal such as exposed bricks, piping and ductwork is the best way to pull of an industrial look. A brick detail on your wall or a chair with bright chrome hardware, getting the raw look with tables, dining sets, and home accents, these small detailing matters the most.


Other must-haves include pulley inspired lighting, to scissor accordion lighting sconces. Basically change everything from furniture, fixtures, and lighting that looks wonderful in the contemporary home.


Using negative space

Another interesting thing about using industrial designs is that you can make superb use of negative spaces. Simply remove the visual clutter and create a warm, homey feeling that emphasizes the uniqueness of every item in the room.


Reclaimed or Weathered Wood

Gone are the days when a perfectly polished floor was in demand. Weathered varieties incorporating industrial interior styles are in trend. Right from welcoming wear and tear these products eliminate concerns about scratching newly installed floors are great benefits offered by industrial spaces. In fact, adding a few extra scratches that add more character to the room are benefits of such products.


Let there be light

Bulb cages, Edison bulbs and pulley lighting designs, pendant, porcelain, ribbed glass, cast aluminum, and steel are just a few to name. They won’t just appear industrial and mechanical but their ability to be extended make them extremely versatile.


In simple words, anything that was made before the 1950’s and after the 1800’s can count in your industrial design.