It’s Time to Make Your Kids Double-Up Happily!

In nearly two-thirds of homes children under 18 are made to share one room. I mean sharing a bedroom with your sister or brother with a few territorial squabbles is mostly fun, bonding experience! Parents these days often tend to go for a cohesive share-and-share-alike look- to give each child their own bit of space to express their personality. The following post will act as a small guide to consider while planning such room for your little ones.   

Let’s hold off on that for a second, and start somewhere else (which will eventually lead us to the answer). Home sizes vary a lot, but most people choose spare bedrooms for guests, offices and play spaces. Designing a room for your children is not an easy task, one needs to keep several things in mind such as the optimal use of floor space, types of beds to use, a color scheme that grows with them, enough storage, and personalization of individual zones. Apart from this, there are certain issues that normally comes with a shared territory.

Let’s dive into the details.

Issue 1- He wants blue, she wants pink!

We all are born with a DNA, 99.5 percent of it is common among but just a tiny fraction of our genetic programming is responsible for all differences. In simple words, your kids are very different and have distinct tastes when it comes to colors/themes. So what can be done is? Come up with a neutral color and material palette for wardrobes, beds, walls, floors and such other expansive surfaces. Don’t forget to bring in all the fun elements with furnishings and curious.

Choosing a neutral palette could offer a win-win situation for their growing tastes and needs. In addition to this, try considering broad, timeless accents like geometric shapes or ‘grown-up’ florals which can work well into their teenage years.

Issue 2- The room seems to be too cramped

Twin beds take up a lot area and it has become a thing of the past too. So why don’t you think of using bunk beds that makes an efficient use of vertical space? The slim and unobtrusive looking beds can free up ample of flooring space for you. In fact, you can choose beds featuring extra built-in storage within the structure. All you need to keep in mind is that the top bunk has to be far away from the ceiling fan and place them away from windows. Pull-out or trundle beds are also great space savers as they take up the space of only one bed when closed during the day.

Issue 3- There is a constant tug of war for personal space

Children will grow old and crave for a bit of their own space someday. So try creating two separate zones within a shared bedroom, keep each equal in size, so there are no arguments. Consider personalizing their individual zones with soft furnishings, wall decals, and colors which can be easily changed in future. Make sure to provide each one with an area where they can showcase their special collectibles. Use the space above each bed to display their mementos, trophies and personal knick-knacks.

So that’s all for now! Try making the most out of space where each child is given an equal opportunity to shine through. Speedframe is a reputable firm that offers best possible solutions when it comes to innovative framing systems, commercial, domestic and retail fit-outs.

Home Interior Designing Rule #1- Create a Space that’s Truly Your Own!

In today’s fast pacing world, there are times when a sense of stillness, clarity, peace of mind, body, and soul is pretty hard to achieve. The inner reflects the outer as they say and vice versa. And maybe that’s the reason why we at Speedframe strongly recommend for designing a simple space of your own. Afterall, your home is something where you could find the stillness and peace required to thrive, not just survive.

So, we assume that you’ve just bought a new home and are looking for a quick, little home pick-me-up, or something relevant interior design hacks and tricks around. Not all people are born with a great eye to pull a room together and make it fabulous and functional, all at the same time. And that’s why we consider professionals- they know this all too well. Now even if you do not have much knack for design, a few basic ideas can go a long way. For example- sometimes the smallest addition can work wonders, adding a mirror or a painting or even a plant to your living space.

Down below I would like to shed some spotlight on certain pointers that will get you from blank slate to a beautiful looking space.

No Rules

The first rule about decorating is that you can break almost all the other rules. It may quite interest you to know that the best interior designers in the world will always recommend that rules are meant to be broken. Instead of following any conventional rule, consider your décor in such a way that it successfully reflects your living style and personality.

Get yourself Inspired

Do you crave for a new home interior design? Look around for decor websites can spark a flame of creativity that we never knew we had. I am sure you will get plenty amount of inspiration on the internet, but what matters the most is to find the best of what you’re looking for. And for that, you have to know where to look. Think of Pinterest for starters! After you feel you have gathered enough information, step back and scrutinize them one by one. Choose a style that you crave to create and I am sure you will be surprised!

Less is more

Over accessorizing each and every corner of your space seems a little passé these days. Well, I am not saying that you should give up your favorite artwork or travel memento- Just keep things that you truly love and lighten the burden on the soul. I mean stuffing your space with such belongings that aren’t even registered in your brain will simply result in creating unnecessary clutter.

Bring your own experience

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Think of innovative ideas like showcasing your personal possessions to reveal your personality, adventures, and achievements. After all, the things you have is what makes your home uniquely your own home. So make them a vital part of your interiors.

Make the room feel larger

Right from adding large windows, light colored walls, using decorative mirrors can offer a great optical illusion of space, making the room seem larger than it actually is. No kidding! Using darker colors even with the plentiful amount of natural light and the strategic placement of the mirrors will simply result in boxed-in feeling.

Mix it up!

Be innovative in your thoughts, think of placing family heirlooms alongside your modern couch. Don’t forget adding your grandfather’s antique Chippendale desk, it tells a story of your past. Although, there is no particular reason why the present and past can’t co-exist beautifully together. The same implies in art, you can definitely place a painting by Salvador Dali on the same wall next to a Monet. By mixing up old, new patterns and textures live spaces can be created.

Big Statement Furniture Pieces

One of the basic yet crucial mistakes most homeowners make- adding too many small, spindly pieces in one room. Space filled with leggy chairs, tables and more and more small knick-knacks will result in clutter and confuses the eye.

Instead, have a large sofa or one or two slender armchairs with attractive carved legs, a large armoire or cabinet. Mix different furnishing styles to simply make the room more balanced and not bulky or spindly. The same implies with accessories too.

That’s all folks! I hope the post provides some help!