Size Never Matters When It Comes To Designing Office Workstation

Everything on this planet starts from a point and designing your intimidating workspace is no exception. The journey of creation will soon become special for you because it was you who initiated it, unlike many others who just dream of it. It certainly involves its shares of risks but also increases their chances of hitting big.


Creating a dream space for your employees is definitely not an easy thing to do but if done correctly; it can be a creative hub for you and your employees with just a bit of foresight. Well, you do have an option of managing your day-day tasks from your living areas or coffee shops. But what I personally believe that a great office doesn’t need to be large; you can be highly benefitted by a small, scrappy workstation. So chin up and act smart by reducing clutter and finding unique storage alternatives for small spaces.


What makes an ideal workstation?

In order to get the most from your working space, make sure it is organized, pleasant and mentally stimulation for you, your employees as well as your clients. Big or small, size never matters, come up with a space that makes one feel open and engaging. But the question remains same- how?


Fret not! Here down below I would like to mention certain tips on how one can design best office spaces that is not just small & cozy but also facilitates in bringing out the best productive environment for employees.


First, Layout

Spaces you work for or live in reveal a lot about your personality. Similarly, try creating an office workstation design that reveals the personality of your business. Think how decisions are made in your business? How you people communicate within? Is there democracy or dictatorship? Other than this what are the measurements? For example, if your space is 300-500 square feet, the positioning of each and every employee matters. As a CEO will you have your cabin located in the corner or will prefer having a stationed desk with other employees.


Second, Environment

Try introducing your peers to an open, small-scale environment where people can have better conversations. This will also result in supported learning and job satisfaction, accommodated greater flexibility, and did not impede the ability to work productively. In layman’s language, using cubicles or enclosures as office workstation furniture won’t work anymore.


Office Workstation Ideas:


The science of designing the workstation to fit within the capabilities and limitations of the worker is what we call Ergonomics. For example, if you are sitting all day long, make sure that the weight of your arms is supported all the time. And if not, the muscles of your neck and shoulders will be crying by the end of the day. Creating spaces that compel employees to slouch is not a good thing. Slouching puts more pressure on the discs and vertebrae of your back. Simply ask them to move their chair as close to your work as possible to avoid leaning and reaching. Last but certainly not the least, the feet shouldn’t be dangling as your employees may feel a pressure on the backs of their legs.


These inconveniences affect how we perform. So, coming up with a flexible workstation featuring filing cabinets and chairs that slide beneath desks and out of the way might work wonders for you as well as your employees.



A boring looking cubicle can be improvised by placing a window. A window that not just views the outdoors but even allows adequate light keeping everyone calm and composed. In fact, it may even interest you to know that this provides some stimulation for those moments that we need to get our head together, and it brings the outdoors into our workspace. If an outside window is not possible, any window will work wonders. For example, how about using interior glass panels that make small workstation spaces feel open, instead of feeling cramped.



Other than furnishing comes, colors! Drab eggshell and gray cubicles have become a thing of past. Bright hues have become pretty much in vogue with the rise in contemporary workstations. Splashes of Caribbean blues, olive greens, and sunset oranges accent clean whites, natural browns and navy blues in new and exciting formats. By incorporating this, you will turn your workspace in a fun and trendy manner maintaining clean and organized feel.


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Modular Kitchen Interior Design- The Best Way You Would Like To Cook

“Meals and memories are made here!” – Being one of the most crucial spaces in the house, kitchen areas must be best in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. Now you could have done the best research and gathered all the right information, but all of that counts for nothing if you don’t know how to present it right in the form of a design. Right from cooking to cleaning, eating, drinking, and socializing; creating a good design that trumps everything else is the smartest move to take.


The evolution of kitchen spaces had made a huge transformation over the past few years. From being something that was once confined to the back of the house has succeeded in becoming the central meeting place for family & friends. The working horse of the home is now very much celebrated across the globe. Before you get started, figuring out what layout must be used for your cooking spaces is very important. Unfortunately, for many of you choosing a modular kitchen interior design seems to be something that skips your mind rather easily. As a result, most of the people get into a dilemma at this point.


Understand the Work Triangle

I am pretty sure you must have heard of the working triangle; if not, it refers to the ideal distance and positioning between certain kitchen elements such as your cooktop, oven, range hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave.  Initially, the triangle term mainly included space required between the cooking appliances, refrigerator, and the sink. But with the rise in additional appliances today’s modern designs two overlapping triangles, or replace the triangle with a square. Which means a kitchen may have numerous appliances and equipments but make sure your design relies on certain factors like:


  • Allow efficient leg room for workflow
  • Minimal distances to travel within the space
  • Have adequate counter space close to all appliances
  • Don’t forget to incorporate several power points to run all of your appliances


Further, I would like you to get acquainted with some common kitchen designs and determine which layout will suit your space and your family’s needs. So are you ready to get inspired?


Single Wall or Straight Kitchen

single walled kitchen

This type combines cooking, washing, and storage zones in a single row. Being pretty much ideal for apartments, units or small homes, the space offers ample storage, allow unobstructed movement and make working in the kitchen a breeze. In addition to this, you can even think of adding a small kitchen island, of course depending on your existing space or else you can use an island on castors is a good idea as it offers flexibility to move it around if required.

Galley or 2 Walled Kitchen

2 walled kitchen

There is a reason why galley kitchens are mainly used on ships; they save ample of spaces. Anything you need, it turns out to be at an arm’s reach. Speaking about the design, it features a central walkway between two rows of cabinets. Such type of kitchen areas are best in terms of food preparation for friends and family gatherings.

L Shaped Kitchen with an Island

L Shaped Kitchen

Do you find the need to utilize each and every corner of your room? L shaped kitchen designs with island works well. In addition to this, it is also good as it allows 2 or more people to work in the kitchen at the same time. Mainly suited for larger rooms, it allows guests to sit outside the work zone but still enjoy the cooking aromas. Accommodating an island bench or dining room table that works as a separate bar for adding occasional meals.

The U Shaped Kitchen

U Shaped Kitchen

As the name implies, the kitchen area is arranged in a U shape featuring the work triangle on the three sides of the room. Do you find the need to reduce the amount of distance between various elements? U shaped designs are best for you. The sink is usually located at the center of the U, with the fridge, pantry and cooking appliances on either side.


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In a nutshell,

Whatever design you opt for, just keep this in mind your decision won’t just affect the ambiance of your space but also the working. I hope you are equipped with an overview of the most popular kitchen design layouts, it’s time for action!

Designing Interiors for Commercial Properties- Get That Incredible Look!

In business, first impressions matter the most! Create a space in such a way that the moment your customer or guest walk into your place “Wow” becomes the first word spoken out of their mouths. A masterfully designed commercial space is something that no marketer or business should ignore. 

Sitting at a desk all day long can get tiring. However, if you set up your space just right, it doesn’t have to be. At present office, spaces have become more entertaining as ever. Gone are the days when people use to work in those old-fashioned stiffed cubicles; today’s offices are embracing standing desks, communal work, and gathering spaces, featuring high-end services like cool cafeteria or in-office gyms and gaming zones.

Choosing a commercial interior design can be insanely tricky but if done correctly, it won’t just allow you to take better advantage of the space available but also boost well in terms of creativity and productivity. And benefits aren’t just limited to you or the employees, an attractive looking space can be an instrument to attract more talent as well as customers to your company.

It’s way beyond the physical layout of your building

Many of you often have this misconception that commercial interior design is a mere physical layout of a building. Probably not! It’s the absolute way you choose to set up your furniture, employee and communal spaces and more.

Apart from the attractiveness of the space, a designer must even consider functionality at its core. Overall, the concept of Commercial interior design is equally about form, functionality, and appearance.

Before you design a stunning office space

  • Identify what does and doesn’t work in your current space
  • The working of your organization as well as you
  • Look around for the best furnishing equipments

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Further below I would like to mention a few crucial elements that will work wonders for both small and big commercial designs:


  • Clever conversions and versatility– One of the best ways to ensure easy convertibility of the interior space is to keep them versatile. This particularly applies to purely commercial establishments like retail stores and offices. Consider commercial spaces created at the airport. It becomes easy to customize and move the shops easily without much fuss especially if the cubicles are planned in such manner. Similarly, try enabling easy conversions and frequent adaptions in your office spaces as well.


  • Technology Implementation has to be taken into account– No matter what business you’re in, you always need to keep yourself updated– particularly in technology, where it changes so rapidly. While planning interiors do not forget to consider telecommunication systems including telephones, computer networking, television and overhead media.In addition to this, planning for digital control, centralized or de-centralized, is a common requirement. So, all you need to do is address the comfort and effectiveness of the guests and workforce in their own sphere of activity.


  • Provide Personalized Spaces– If you offer customer-based services like hotels and restaurants, making guests feel at home is the best strategy to consider. Try giving them the choice to get an environment and service as per their preferences. Creating spaces with provision to satisfy personal interests and preferences is immensely beneficial for the business.


  • Always ensure safety– Being one of the paramount features in any building construction, safety has to be essentially fused into the commercial interior design. Always keep this in mind, no safety regulation can be sacrificed for design purposes. Not just a statutory requirement, it is also the moral obligation of the interior designer as well as the client.



Any space speaks a lot about the personality of the owner as well as those who work within it. So start creating a good commercial design that turns out to be one of a kind.